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WORKNC Wire EDM is highly reliable, specialized Wire EDM CADCAM software specifically developed for wire erosion operations. It enables comprehensive, easy and fast wirepath creation for complex molds, die, tool and precision engineered parts, common in industries such as medical and watchmaking.
This new Wire EDM software has an intuitive and easy to use graphic interface enabling fast programming of all wire erosion machines, that will have the user wire cutting in just a few clicks!
WORKNC Wire EDM allows the user to apply his wire cutting experience and efficiently manage strategies developed and perfected over the years. These productivity gains will enable companies to guarantee shorter lead times and lower costs by reducing cutting times and extending machine life.

Data Retrieval & Hybrid Modeling

  • Retrieval of all types of 2D or 3D geometries
  • Creation of geometries thanks to the software's hybrid 2D/3D modeling environment (wire, solid and surface)

Intelligent analysis & automatic retrieval of sections

  • Analysis of undercuts
  • Visualization by dynamic sectioning on the model
  • Automatic section extraction of 3D parts
  • Modification of extracted sections using 2D functions

2 / 4 axis wire cutting paths

  • 2D profiles cutting with or without undercuts
  • 4 axis cutting directly on surfaces
  • Automatic profile synchronization with added coupling points for 4-axis cutting
  • Spiral 2D pocketing or offset 2D pocketing

Specialized programming

  • Corner mode (point, square, rounded or rectangular)
  • Edge loop protection to ensure sharp angles
  • Multi-tabs: definition of several threading points and automatic definition of adapted lead-ins near the start point for each new threading point


  • Direct retrieval of any 2D or 3D geometries
  • Integrated 2D or 3D solid or surface geometries
  • Direct programming of 2D drawings or 3D parts
  • Wizard for automatic analysis and extraction of simple or complex sections
  • Vertical or angled 2 axis and 4 axis trimming with automatic synchronization
  • Advanced machinery and specialized technology management
  • Machine simulation
  • Comprehensive post processor support

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