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PDF2 Axis Machining

WORKNC's 2-axis and 2½-axis strategies are specifically designed for fast machining of support plates and assembly parts. 

Machining preparation can be carried out on 2D or 3D models created with WORKNC or imported from another system using one of the powerful CAD translators. 

3D models can be machined automatically. Roughing and re-roughing are used to machine pockets, and then flat surface machining and drilling functions are used for the rest.

Numerous WORKNC 2D curve machining functions are available for machining directly from independent 2D entities or curves extracted from 3D models. WORKNC curve machining strategies bring significant productivity gains as they are highly tolerant and can be successfully used on damaged and intersecting 2D geometries.

Automatic Drilling

Automatic plate or 3D part drilling is based on automatic feature recognition performed by WORKNC. 

The features are then automatically processed using customized, pre-determined drilling sequences.

  • Automatic recognition of cylindrical forms,
  • Automatic features creation according to detected axes or angled planes,
  • Pre-defined drilling sequence selection
  • Automatically generated drilling operations,
  • Deep hole and intersecting hole drilling management.


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