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A wide range of tools and complementary functions for greater productivity :
WORKNC is the solution which integrates a range of standard tools for programming toolpaths to machine molds and dies.

Generic Functions

  • High speed machining techniques
  • Lace, box, spiral, climb and conventional styles
  • Auto lead-ins (ramped, vertical, off-part and radial)
  • Dynamic graphic toolpath editor with unlimited undo feature
  • Tool changer management
  • Generic post processor generator
  • Boundry curve creation (sketch or from surface edges)
  • Unlimited boundry limitation (on, to, past and tangent)
  • Geometry additions/subtractions
  • Machining plane definition
  • Tipped head machining from views
  • Multiple local stock allowances
  • Auto stepover calculation
  • Batch processing and job chaining
  • Auto report generation and screen prints
  • Machine axis system creation
Tool Library
Create a WORKNC library for your own tools and for tools available from your suppliers' catalogues.  The Tool Library database allows you to define new tools and manage existing ones for WORKNC.
A wide variety of parameters can be associated to each tool in the library.
Users can save time and be more productive by automatically loading these parameters into the current toolpath parameters menu when the required tool is selected.

Machining Sequences

Standardize your processes, on-the-fly, with WORKNC's "Standard Machining Sequences"... 
WORKNC keeps a record of your series of cutter paths, holder collision checks, tolerances, tools, etc... so you can use the information again-and-again on similar jobs.

Shopfloor Programming

WORKNC's flexibility, ease of use and automatic features make it ideal to put toolpath generation right on the shop floor at the milling machine.  More than half of Sescoi's current customers in the U.S. have reduced job and machine hours by making this minor yet significant change.  Ideal for use with high speed machining, WORKNC relieves mold, die and model shops of the hours of programming caused by too much user interaction.
With its' automatic features, WORKNC takes a CAD file and by entering a few basic parameters the user will have reliable and consistent toolpaths ready for the machine in just minutes.
With WORKNC CADCAM, shopfloor programming couldn't be easier!

Toolpath Setup Sheets

Data output and journal files pertaining to each job is automatically output from WORKNC. Customization of desired output documentation is also possible.

STL Files

WORKNC reads binary and ASCII stereolithography, "STL", files quickly. STL files are commonly used for rapid prototyping. WORKNC can also refine the STL data for optimal cutting.  All WORKNC toolpath types are supported for the machining of scan data.
Mechanically scanned data is also supported and optimized with WORKNC.


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