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WORKNC is renowned for its automation functions and supreme ease of use. 
WORKNC's automated functions allow users to generate toolpaths easily and automatically.

Automatic Functions

  • Unlimited size and number of surfaces
  • Detection of non-machined areas
  • Handling of twisted and triangular surfaces
  • Handling of discontinuities
  • Handling of superimposed surfaces
  • Linking of all surface elements
  • Collision checking
  • Management of undercuts
  • Creation of standard machining sequences
  • Detection and display of rest material
  • Automatic re-roughing
  • Local retracts

Batch Mode Calculations

As you may know, most other CAM softwares lock up the entire user interface on a given job. WORKNC is so flexible you can work on multiple jobs simultaneously.

Tool Holder Collision Detection

Create you tool holder library dynamically in WORKNC. Use defined tool holders for checking collisions between the holders and part geometries.
WORKNC allows you to select your tool holder and advises the required tool length to use. Or you can input the known tool length and WORKNC will automatically split your cutter paths into logical portions for various available cutters!
The toolpath is automatically modified to avoid potential tool holder collisions with the part geometry, based on the use of a shorter tool length.
The complementary cutter path can now be milled with a longer tool.


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