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PDFWORKNC Electrodes

The creation of electrodes is an important stage in the complex mold-making process. With WORKNC-CAD Hybrid Modeling electrode software, users achieve impressive productivity gains in a short space of time.
With this software, electrodes can be manufactured more easily, quickly and reliably as the software automates a large number of repetitive and error prone operations, yet still allows the interactivity required for certain processes, better handled manually.

Automatic extraction of active surfaces by stock model positioning

  • Surface selection by positioning a rectangular or cylindrical bounding box
  • Dynamic preview of the active selection before validation
  • Manual addition or removal of surfaces to or from the selection
  • Modification of surfaces or creation of new ones based on the extracted surface

Electrode stock creation

  • Automatic positioning of the stock and reference square
  • Easy orientation of the stock
  • Creation of positioning chamfers
  • Real time collision management between the stock and the part

Surface extension

  • Surface extension by a simple mouse click with automatic selection of open contours
  • Extension options: normal, tangent, at an angle with respect to surfaces and /or according to a given direction

Machining and electrode axis coordinate systems

  • Automatic insertion of the machining and electrode axis coordinate systems: at the base of the electrode, on the shoulder, on the reference square or the support

Electrode holder

  • Electrode holder selection from an integrated library
  • Customization of holders and addition of new holders to the library
  • The electrode holder position can be shifted with respect to the stock
  • Electrode holder management with real time collision checking between the electrode holder and the part
  • Collision detection between the support and the part.

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